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We are welcoming more and more foreign participants on our show. To make things easier you will find a bunch of information on this page. In case you still have questions feel free to ask and send an email to

Registration form

You can bring as much birds as you want to our show. With our digital registration form you can register the birds you want to show. Keep in mind this is a Dutch form. For the translation of the Dutch names to English names you can take a look at the table below. In case you are in doubt you can send an email to us and we will try to help you. Keep in mind we got a busy time in the last days of the registration time so contact us early.

Cage rental and numbers

It is mandatory for every foreign participant to rent a cage, except for the Belgium participants. The rentalcost for one cage is 1 euro. After your registration we don’t send you the cage numbers by postal services, they will be available at the show. Our team will help you with caging the birds in the show. We got a special room for exchanging the bird from your transport cage to the show cage.

Place to stay

Some of our participants will stay the whole week in the Netherlands, some come by car and fly back home and park their car at the airport. If you are looking to stay the whole week, we recommand to rent a house on one of the holiday parks we have in the Netherlands. In 30 miutes you will find ‘Topparken het Esmeer’. We have heard good recommandations from other participants for this park.

Color translations

Grijs – Grey
Bruin – Fawn
Bleekrug – lightback
Masker – CFW
Ino – Ino
Wit – White
Bont – Pied
Getekend – Saddleback
Getekend met kap – saddleback with cap
Oranjeborst – Orange breast
Zwartborst – black breast
Blackface – Blackface
Zwartwang – black cheek
Isabel – isabel
Witborst – Penguin
Pastel – Pastel
Eumo – Eumo
Topaas – Topaz
Wang – Cheek
Bleekwang – Pale Cheek
Geelsnavel – Yellow beak
Gekuifd – Crested
Timor – Timor
Man – Male
Pop – Female



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